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Ecosystem Service Assessment of TIDE Estuaries

4c. Temporal aspects of ES demand

The inter-temporal variance of scores is plotted, together with the % contribution of the respective time steps. This allows to evaluate which scores caused the higher variances.

Temporal variance is generally very low. The highest variance is observed in the flood control service. This is considered to gain importance, (~demand increase) considering climate change and sea level rise. Higher ‘present’ values of cultural services are logic since the scoring of cultural services importance in past and future is hard, thus containing unknowns. In the variance plot containing all services (not shown), high future scores for regulating service “Climate regulation” and provisioning service “Platform for infrastructure building” and “Water for agricultural use” are observed, concurring with future developments of climate change and continuing growth of human infrastructures. The future scorings are not used in further analysis, and historical demand scores were applied in the historical analysis exercise (see section 6).

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