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TIDE toolbox

Guiding Estuarine Management

Due to their high dynamics and various uses the management of estuaries demands an integrated approach taking into account estuarine functioning, appropriate governance and the implementation of measures based on knowledge and experience. TIDE offers a selection of tools and recommendations.

Integrated Management

Management of complex and dynamic systems like estuaries requires an integrated approach covering a comprehensive understanding of estuarine functions, appropriate governance tools and experience based on good practises. These aspects are assessed in the main chapters ´Functioning´, Governance´ and ´Measures´ of the toolbox.
To guide estuarine managers through a generic integrated estuarine management process with the Ecosystem Approach as an integral part, the use of the Estuarine Planning Support System (EPSS) is recommended as an interactive tool, making use of key tools and outputs from the TIDE project related to the above named aspects. This generic roadmap directs the users to relevant supporting outputs and tools from the TIDE project needed at each stage of the generic management process.

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Integrated estuarine management has to face (inter)national policies, politics, administration and legislation spheres. It must encompass different estuary functions, stakeholder interests and benefits emanating from the ecosystem services. TIDE provides tools for a conflict analysis and recommendations for improving management plans and communication.
Analysis of the TIDE Estuarine Conflict Matri... Legislative Drivers & Sectoral Plan Review of... Environmental Impact Assessment and Appropria... (PDF) Environmental Impact Assessment and Appropria... (PDF) The tidal Elbe - a people's perspective Development / implementation of a new communi...

How to use the TIDE toolbox

The TIDE toolbox is a result of the INTERREG IVB-Project “Tidal River Development” TIDE. It aims at the integrated management of estuaries by providing information on estuarine functioning, but also shares experiences on the implementation of management plans and measures. Furthermore the toolbox enables easy access to the project results in a user friendly way.
Tools in the sense of this toolbox may be a recommendation concerning a certain methodology, a template, a decision support system or a specific report and its summary. There are different entries to access these tools whereby you may choose according to your previous knowledge or preference: