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Interestuarine comparison: Hydro-geomorphology

1a. Outline

In chapter 2 the five research topics are described. The processing of the parameters that were collected in order to answer the five research topics, and a description of some specific applied techniques (cubage technique, tidal damping, habitat classification, Dalrymple energy-concept, residence time) is given in the methodology section (chapter 3).
Chapter 4 presents some general characteristics of each tide estuary (Scheldt, Elbe, Weser, Humber). Parameters are presented along the length axis of each estuary (§4.5), with the origin at the up-estuary boundary (the so-called TIDE kilometers) Chapter 5 handles the interestuarine comparison by presenting specific graphs for the 5 research topics. These graphs are considered to be crucial to discuss the research topics (§5.1 - §5.5). At the end of each research topic, a brief conclusion section is added.
Chapter 6 contains the general conclusions of this report.

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