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Legislative Drivers & Sectoral Plan Review of TIDE Estuaries

3a. Humber Estuary

Table 1 shows the many organisation(s) with both statutory and non-statutory remits for each of the sectoral activities in the Humber Estuary. The Humber Estuary is subject to many uses and users which are regulated by statute or agreement within a plethora of Acts enforced by local and national statutory bodies (Boyes et al., 2003 ). In order to assist with the consultation of various interest groups and relevant authorities on both the north and south banks of the Humber, the Humber Advisory Group (HAG) was established in 2001 to provide strategic advice to the Humber Estuary Relevant Authorities Group (HERAG), both during the production of the Humber Management Scheme (HMS) and subsequently with the implementation of various management actions. However, there is still no overall co-ordination of all relevant plans, and no ICZM policy for the estuary. Whilst the HMS has drawn together several management initiatives, planning management remains fragmented between the relevant planning authorities around the Humber. The HMS was revised in 2011/12 and the updated version is now in use for the management of the Humber Estuary.

Table 1 Organisational Remit for the Management of the Humber Estuary


Area of Responsibility Group/Organisation Basis to Management
Water Quality Defra Government Body – Statutory
Environment Agency Executive Non-departmental Public Body (NDPB) - Statutory
Water Companies Duty of Care
Conservation Defra Government Body – Statutory
Natural England Executive NDPB - Statutory
Environment Agency Executive Non-departmental Public Body (NDPB) - Statutory
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Landowner/manager & NGO pressure
Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (LWT) Landowner/manager & NGO pressure
Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) Landowner/manager & NGO pressure
Yorkshire Naturalists Union NGO Expertise
Spurn Heritage Coast Formal Agreement between Maritime Authorities & NE
Shipping & Ports Marine Management Organisation (MMO) Executive NDPB - Statutory
ABP Humber Estuary Services (Associated British Ports) Navigation and Harbour Authority for Goole, Hull, Immingham and Grimsby - Statutory
Humber Sea Terminals, APT and ConocoPhillips Harbour Authorities – Relevant Authorities
British Waterways Public Corporation - Statutory
Development Local Planning Authorities (with stakeholder input) Statutory
Associated British Ports (ABP) Statutory
Environment Agency Executive NDPB - Statutory
Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Partnership of business, university and the four local authorities
Flood Protection Defra Government Body – Statutory
Humber Estuary Coastal Authority Group (HECAG) Advisory (comprising various bodies)
Environment Agency Executive NDPB - Statutory
Local Planning Authorities (with stakeholder input) Statutory
Internal Drainage Boards Statutory
Local Landowners Stakeholders
Tourism Visit Hull and East Yorkshire. Also Visit Lincolnshire Promotion
Fishery North Eastern Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority Statutory
Environment Agency Executive NDPB - Statutory
Fishing / Sea Angling clubs Permitting, site management & lobbying
National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations Lobby
Wildfowling / Hunting Local wildfowling clubs, Upper Humber wildfowling committee, Humber wildfowl refuge committee Permitting, land management and ownership/lease, lobby
Agriculture National Farmers Union (North East Region), Country Landowners Association (Yorkshire) Lobby

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